Building High Performance Teams, Leaders, and Organizations
~ Coaching, Surveys, Assessments, Teambuilding, Management and Leadership Development ~

Janis & Janis Associates LLC

Building High Performance Teams, Leaders, and Organizations~ Coaching, Surveys, Assessments, Teambuilding, Management and Leadership Development ~

~ Employee Option Surveys
~ Assess the Health of Teams- Assessments, Reports, Action Plans and Implementation
~ New Manager, Leadership, and Executive Development Coaching
~ Talent Management and Development: Selection, On-boarding, Development, Succession, Engagement
Organization and Leadership Skills Assessment and Development Solutions
~ Customer Experience Surveys
~ Strategic Planning and Facilitation Services

Focused on the growth and development of individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations.  We help you collect, analyze, and action important and objective feedback data to make improvements (e.g., employees, customers, suppliers, leaders). Surveys and data collection are a source of information from which important changes and performance improvements can be made.

~ Ask your people for confidential, objective, anonymous feedback
~ Create an environment and place where people are proud to belong
~ Create a climate and environment with trust at the foundation
~ Reduce risks of key talent leaving due to lack of trust and effective leadership
~ Upgrade skills and strategies for achieving goals
~ Correlate customer and employee feedback
~ Test your brand

~ Complete an employee engagement survey and focus groups
~ Facilitate action and progress measurement teams 
~ Audit and assess the health of your team
~ Plan for the succession of key leaders in your organization
~ Establish a leadership development process
~ Develop strong growth and development plans for yourself
~ Take the time to proactively build team relationships and roles at the onset of key projects, governing boards, and leadership
~ Lower the risk of derailed or failed projects
~ Reduce exposure to costly delays, added expense and losses caused by inefficiencies due to poor team and leader relationships and communication
~ Launch new teams for success
~ Upgrade your talent technologies
~ Grow and develop your greatest assets - your people

People, competencies, skills, and talents are one of an organization's greatest assets and competitive edge.   Misalignment of talent can cause productivity challenges, inefficiencies, and put an organization at risk.  Take the next steps to improve hiring decisions, effectively onboard new team members, continue talent skill development, new leader and manager coaching and development, succession planning, employee engagement, assimilation, improving existing teams, increase success probabilities of newly launching strategic teams, and advance high performing team to improve results.

Align Organization Goals, Strategies, Core Competencies, Talented People, High Performing Teams, and Leaders  

Complete an audit and diagnostics to assess the current state of your organization's talent and insights into your culture.  Audit outcomes include the identification of your organization's key competencies, critical roles, level of workforce engagement, existing talent, success profiles, individuals for future succession, identification of talent gaps, and recommending strategies to close those gaps.

Leadership Effectiveness Coaching
Organizations need strong leaders to execute strategy, foster employee engagement, and provide guidance during challenging situations. However, too often, leaders are not aligned, effective, or prepared for such challenges. Invest in selecting and continuously developing  the right leaders to move your business forward.  We are connected to a network of experts and assessment tools required to identify and close organizational gaps. We also offer a network of diagnostics to uncover and address your most pressing developmental needs. Contact us to accelerate the development of your leaders, saving time and money while driving performance improvement.
Team Effectiveness Coaching
Often times teams experience performance challenges along the way which . With assistance from Janis & Janis Associates, you can pinpoint root causes of the difficulties and implement programs that improve performance.  By doing so, you will retain good people, improve the organization's climate, reduce business risks, and improve results and outcomes.

We deliver comprehensive solutions that integrate assessments and performance measures, organizational consulting, and training,

An organization's strategy and effective operations are achieved through highly skilled people, high performing teams, and effective leaders:

  • Assess and improve your team’s health and performance today
  • Assess and tune leadership skills and competencies for a competitive edge
  • Improve relationships, reduce risk, and improve results
  • Fall 2017– Check the health of your team. Schedule a team assessment and workshop today!

Life Coaching

Our life, team, and leadership coaching is personalized per team and individual.  Coaching programs cover the following:

  • Confidential and Personalized Self-Assessment, Goal Setting, and Achievement
  • Holistically Integrated Life Goals
    • Career
    • Family
    • Financials
    • Health
    • Hobbies
    • Relationships
    • Relaxation
    • Spiritual

  • Simple assessments available including:
    • Career Direction
    • Conflict
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Leadership Style
    • Personal Values
    • Personality Type
    • Skills and Priorities
    • Teamwork
  • 360-Degree Leadership Effectiveness Feedback